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Klara's team has to improvise as not everything is going according to plan.
Issue 4
Available for reading now
Issue 1
Senseless massacre in Prague high-end apartment leads to Rachel Holzer being offered a job.
Released: 13.06.2018
Issue 2
Rachel’s first day at work for her mysterious relatives changes her life forever.
Released: 24.07.2018
Issue 3
Rachel joins a corruption scheme and meets new relatives.
Released: 09.09.2018
Issue 4
Klara's team has to improvise as not everything is going according to plan.
Released: 24.11.2018
Issue 5
Rachel and Lavi are traveling to meet Vesely's family to make sure that everything is going well.
Released: 20.04.2019
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Deathwish is a story about the family of
Necromancers, their allies and their enemies.
As the story moves forward the details will find
their way to this page.
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Story is unfolding. Coming Soon
Deathwish Graphic Novel is written, drawn and colored by a team
divided between Prague and Moscow. We fused our skills
and ideas to make this story of ambition, family and betrayal.
Thank you for reading our work!
Nikita Baydyuk wanted to tell stories since childhood. He studied
International Relations and attended film school for a time. He is the creator
and writer of Deathwish.
Nikita Baydyuk
Daria Aksenova is a chemical engineer
and a life-long artist wannabe from Moscow.
She is a line artist of Deathwish team.
Daria Aksenova
Natalya Shadrina is a legal adviser,
who is trying to be a good artist.
She is a colorist of Deathwish team.
Natalya Shadrina
Daria Ridiger is an architect.
In Deathwish she assists with writing and keeps
the team together as a production manager.
Daria Ridiger
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